2016 July Issue

2016 July Issue

July 2016We are so proud to have produced our very first issue of We Ride Sport and Trail Magazine!  We have so many people to thank, starting with the happy couple appearing on our cover who depict the joy of being outdoors and riding the trails just wonderfully, thank you Opal and Chris!  Big thanks also to Leesa Wright of Rambling Cowgirl Photography for the awesome capture, and to everyone involved… thank you for believing in us and being a part of our dream!

In the July Issue: 

  • Mounted Archery: Revival of the Samurai by Debra Redman
  • Equine Trail Sports by Holly Carson
  • American Horsemen Challenge by Meg Wills-O’Daniel
  • Von Holten Ranch, Missouri
  • The Quiet Mind by Barbra Schulte
  • Gait, Balance and Reprogramming by Jody Childs
  • I Started a Rescue by Jeff Wilson Cowboy Dressage
  • Barefoot and Booted by Carole Herder, Cavallo President
  • Back in the Saddle by Nancy Slater, 2 Star Parelli Professional
  • Free Range Stabling by Tanja Romanazzi, PhD.
  • Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary, Colorado
  • Drought & Heat: 911 Hooves

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