May 2018

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The May Issue of Sport and Trail Magazine

Authors: Jeff Wilson, Nancy Slater, Barbra Schulte, Ozana Sturgeon, Gene Brock, Mary Miller Jordan and Carol Herder.

Associations: Working Equitation United (We United), Mounted Archery of the Americans (MA3), American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), Equine Trail Sports (ETS), International Mountain Trail Challenge Association (IMTCA), National Walking Horse Association (NWHA), Virtual Obstacle Shows (VOS) and American Horsemen Challenge Association (AHCA).

Photographers: Ozana Sturgeon, Michael T. Photography, Hal Cook, Luke Bender, Ivy Schexnayder, Parish Photography, Kellee Campbell DVM Andalusian World Cup, Karen Quinn-Curl of Photographs by Smooch, Bill Gore, Gore/Baylor Photography, Rein Photography, Leesa Wright of Rambling Cowgirl Photography and Aponi.


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