The West Virginia Competitive Trail Association

The West Virginia Competitive Trail Association

West Virginia Competitive Trail Association is still going strong with active members in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, and of course WV! We still follow most of the same rules and scoring system that ACTHA had except there are no time limits, you aren’t disqualified just penalized if you or the horse falls and a few other small more forgiving changes. Our entry fees are super super low, new Youth riders ride free with paying adult and EVERYONE gets something useful valued at at least $5 at every ride even if you don’t score well. Of course those who do score well get there choice of $10-$30 gift cards for major restaurants and retail stores or quality tack or other valuable and useful prizes. We just had a great 6.5 mile long ride with 12 obstacles on July 20th.

Our next ride will be October 4th at Camp Creek State Park in Camp Creek, WV which is just a couple of miles off I 77 but near I 64 as well. There are even water falls to ride across! Rain date is Oct. 5th. we are a non-profit fully volunteer ran 501(c) (3).

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