Rickman Spanish Mustangs

Rickman Spanish Mustangs

Gilbert Jones and Bryant Rickman

Since 1979 Bryant and Darlene Rickman worked closely with the late Gilbert H. Jones to preserve the Gilbert Jones Southwest Spanish Mustang lines. They continue that work today. Gilbert was the founder of the Southwest Spanish Mustang Association (SSMA) and served as president until stepping down due to his health. Bryant currently holds the position of Chairman of the SSMA. Information provided regarding Gilbert Jones life’s efforts with these horses can be found on the SSMA website or in Bryant’s personal library.

“Without Bryant and Darlene Rickman there would be no Choctaw Horses (a strain of the Colonial Spanish Horse). There would also be no Jones line horses. Without dedicated, long-term conservators like Bryant and Darlene working through very lean years, these genetic treasures would simply not exist. I’ve been working with them on this for over 40 years and my support is always with them.” ~ D. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, Ph.D., Technical Adviser to The Livestock Conservancy

A beautiful bay paint mare carrying the Gilbert Jones brand

“The preservation efforts for our breed of horses remains a challenging one, but with support of friends, donors and supporters, the horses continue to thrive. As we continue working toward a secure future for the Colonial Spanish Horse – Colonial Spanish Mustangs – Oklahoma Heritage Horses, we look forward to communicating our progress with you.”

~ Bryant and Darlene Rickman of Rickman Spanish Mustangs

Please visit and join their page on Facebook to follow along and learn more about the history and daily lives of these amazing horses!  https://www.facebook.com/rickmanspanishmustangs/

Rickman Spanish Mustangs  | Bryant Rickman


The Oklahoma Heritage Horse Sanctuary, a 501C3 Non-Profit organization formed in 2014 to help support the Colonial Spanish Horse. A group of volunteers working together to find a way to secure the future of this unique breed, designated as the Heritage Horse of Oklahoma in March 2014.
Our mission is “To promote the preservation of the Colonial Spanish Horse and other heritage animals. The Oklahoma Heritage Horse Sanctuary recognizes the need to protect, perpetuate such breeds, educate the community and increase public awareness.”
By creating fundraisers, special events, attending school functions, and promoting the breed through social media our board members continue to move our mission forward.
The fact is, we can’t accomplish all that is needed on our own. However, we don’t ask you to do it for us; we just ask that you join us. Our organization is the sole supporter of the Oklahoma Heritage Horses in our care. We believe together with those that share our passion; we can save this breed’s future allowing many generations the opportunity to know the role these horses played in America’s history.
The Colonial Spanish Horse has a story, one that deserves to be heard. A unique breed that has given so much to so many, we at least owe them a chance.  Everyone should get to know a Colonial Spanish Horse ~ the Oklahoma Heritage Horse.


To donate and support the care and maintenance of the Rickman Spanish Mustangs please visit and click the DONATE button located on the Oklahoma Heritage Horse Sanctuary, Inc. page.

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