The Work of The Parelli Foundation

The Work of The Parelli Foundation

Three-time Future of Horsemanship scholarship recipient IrisAnne

A Life-changing Investment: A Look at The Work of The Parelli Foundation

The Parelli Foundation is unique in that we help change the lives of both horses and people.

The work of the Parelli Foundation is not only life-changing for horses and humans, but also serves as investment in natural horsemanship; one that will go on to impact innumerable horses and humans as a result of the innate power of natural horsemanship.

We pursue our mission of “Helping create a better world for horses and humans through natural horsemanship education” through providing grants and scholarships via four program areas.

From scholarships contributing to aspiring professionals’ education to providing training for volunteers and horses at equine rescue centers, our scholarships and grants are a representation of the full circle of natural horsemanship education. We have awarded nearly $700,000 in funding since being founded in 2013 and are proud to pursue our unique mission knowing how our work is having a lasting impact on horses and humans alike.

We know each scholarship will have a profound effect on the world as that scholarship recipient commits to “Pay It Forward,” touching the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, while passing on their knowledge of natural horsemanship throughout their career.

The same for our grants, as one grant will impact many equines as well as their caretakers and adopters, ending the cycle of homelessness and misunderstanding and assuring success and partnership between horses and the people who love them.

You can learn more about our how our unique programs are making an investment in horses and humans alike:

Therapeutic Horsemanship recipient Inspiration Ranch

Investing in education

Equine Talent and Career Scholarships help develop the future of natural horsemanship professionals. Through scholarships, the Parelli Foundation is increasing the number of highly qualified instructors, horse development specialists, equine practitioners, and competitors who will touch the lives of equine enthusiasts around the world.

Scholarship recipients commit to participate in our Pay It Forward program; volunteering their time and talents in one of our four program areas. This commitment grows their own real-world experiences and adds another element of investment in natural horsemanship.

Investing in the future

The Future of Horsemanship youth scholarship program is designed to help educate and prepare young people to make a positive difference in the horse world. Scholarships give young horsemen 10-24 the ability to study progressively each year and provides them the ability to seek higher education in natural horsemanship.

Investing in healing

Therapeutic Horsemanship Program grants support non-profit therapeutic horsemanship organizations providing much needed opportunities using natural horsemanship methods.

As you know, horses provide mental, emotional, and physical therapy for many, from children to military veterans.

The Foundation funds grants promoting education for therapeutic program staff and volunteers and supports opportunities for individuals with disabilities to build their horsemanship skills. These dollars fund educational initiatives and worthy projects including workshops, clinics, and lessons with professionals, updated educational materials and equipment, certification of staff members, and more!

Heroes and Horsemanship Initiative grant recipient Waypoint Ranch works with Licensed Parelli Professional Nancy Slater. Pictured: Kris and Jewels

Our Heroes and Horsemanship Initiative, a branch of our Therapeutic Horsemanship Program, provides grants to nonprofit programs providing innovative and industrious ways to pair veterans, active military, first responders, and their families with horses. The newest of our programs, this grant-based program is designed to promote and extend access to horses and equine related therapy programs for the true heroes of our country.

Investing in possibilities

Horse Welfare Program grants fund education initiatives for horse rescue centers, improving the welfare of equines, increasing adoptability, and raising awareness of how natural horsemanship can help ensure rescued horses have a future.

Nothing promotes equine well-being more than humans learning to communicate with horses in a way horses understand.  Grants help provide professional training to equines and the public, including potential adopters.

In addition to our grant and scholarship programs, we also increase the impact of natural horsemanship through our Gently Used Equipment Program, which enables us to distribute gently used (and sometimes new!) natural horsemanship equipment to deserving organizations. This program is an incredible way to support the use of natural horsemanship when the funding is not available for equipment and many times pairs with our grant programs.

Therapeutic Horsemanship grant recipient Leg Up
Future of Horsemanship scholarship recipient Holly

All of these efforts contribute to our ultimate goal of touching and changing more lives through natural horsemanship education.

With your support, we can continue to increase our impact!

Interested in ways you can help?

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